Why Laburo?

Because the way we work is undergoing under a deep transformation.

Because freelancers, startup creators and remote workers are the new normal.

Because true coworking should be everything but the isolation of people and places.

  • Laburo is born to become the new engine that opens up a market for synergies between talents and any space.
  • An open, complete approach to coworking that cannot be restrained to lone working, nor to standardized places and moments.

With Laburo, coworking emancipates:

Work with the talents you want, where you want, when you want.

Laburo fosters unlimited business

  • Each place is different and all are eligible, whether they are dedicated to coworking or contain an inspiring space within, conducive to work and exchanges.
  • Each encounter is different, a new opportunity to collaborate, learn and share.
  • Each need emerges from a good reason to leave one’s house or the conventional office: it’s close, it’s original, it’s de-stressing, it's the chance to see new people.
  • Each session allows better cost-management for the user, along with additional revenue for the workspace operators.

Name us or use us as a "business-provoker".

Welcome to Coworking On Demand!